Well-Stocked Dance Bag Toiletries

Another installment in the dance bag needs! Toiletries! Hygiene and first aid things are  a must. Because if something happens you can be prepared.


  • Deodorant
    • the most basic/essential thing that you need
  • Baby powder
    • extreme sweaters
  • Lotion

First Aid

  • Band Aids
  • Medical Tape
    • to wrap your toe if your callous splits
  • Headache medicine
  • Tylenol
    • helps a lot with body ache

Well-Stocked Dance Bag Clothes

Another installment of the well-stocked dance bag series. CLOTHES! Please bring the right clothes for the right classes. Also wear clothes that fit!

So for my Girls:

  • Leotard
  • Tights
  • Jazz Shorts
  • Anything that shows lines!

For my guys!

  • Tights
  • Jazz shorts
  • Shirts (that fit)
  • Dance Belts
    • full back is permitted for boys before puberty
    • thong back is permitted for boys during and after puberty

Tap and Hip Hop (Boys and Girls)

  • Be able to move
  • Shorts/Sweat Pants
  • Tee-Shirts


If you are like me, and sweat a lot, always bring extras.  I usually have shirts on me at all times and I have 3 pairs of pants on me.  It also helps just incase someone forgets clothes and you can let them borrow something.

Well-Stocked Dance Bag Shoes!

Dance bags literally need everything possible! So we will start with the basics, what goes on your feet! So with shoes you need to be ready at all times especially for auditions.  You never know what can happen you may think it’s a jazz class but it’s actually ballet or tap.  Always be prepared. I would say bring every shoe possible.


  • Ballet slippers
  • Jazz Shoes (You may ask if you can dance bare foot for jazz)
  • Tap Shoes
  • Sneakers that you can dance in!!! ( I use black high top converse)
  • Character shoes (girls)
  • Bare feet (Contemporary etc)
    • I’m most comfortable in bare feet for most dance

Polish your shoes! Give them that shine that makes them look new.


  • Wash Your Feet
    • as dancers we sweat and your feet will smell disgusting please wash your feet
  • Clip your toenails
    • Straight across (do not round the nail because that will cause pain to you)
      • I have witnesses someone cut another dancer doing a high kick with their toenail
  • Stinky Feet
    • Try
      • Washing them more
      • Powder in your shoes help
      • Spray on Deodorant
        • This helps a lot
      • Disinfect all of your shoes!
        • Kills the bacteria that lives on your feet and shoes that make them smell bad