Drowsy Chaperone

Saturday night, some friends and I went to go see “The Drowsy Chaperone” at the Pittsburgh Playhouse performed by Point Park Students.  This show was amazing.  The actors were great and the show was amazing because of the actors.  Now the show itself, has good songs and funny things but it has a lot of offensive things.  These offensive things were all based on race and ethnicities.  All of these offensive things were said as jokes and if the comedic timing were better maybe it would have been a little okay but no.  It was a good show with some racy things but it was overall okay. There was clear modernism in this show due to the fact that they reference a few current things. It was overall an “Okay” show.


Today in Theater History 3/28

Titanic- Opened in 1997

Reba McEntire- Birthday

Biloxi Blues- Opened in 1985

Julia Stiles- Birthday

The Philadelphia Story- Opened in 1939

Dianne Wiest- Birthday

Shuffle Along!

So in honor going to see this show in two months heres a video, if you haven’t seen it yet, of the cast.  Also if you look closely the ensemble is made up of a few familiar faces.  So You Think You Can Dance Alum, Season 10, Curtis is in the show as well and if you follow SYTYCD you know just how amazing he is. video here


Can we talk about how hard it is to get tickets to go see Hamilton.  The tickets are about $600 and of course there are still no group rates.  As I have mentioned before my major at school is going to New New York at the end of April and we all had hopes to see Hamilton but no we cannot see the phenomenal show that is Hamilton.  But I can assure you that we know all the songs by heart and we will be at the stage door during the Ham4Ham show.  The Ham4Ham show where the cast comes out to sign playbills and other things, then they either to skits from the show or just play around and it’s amazing.

Nina Simone Controversy

As many of us know there is a Nina Simone biopic coming out on Lifetime.  Many of us know that Lifetime has made some very questionable biopics but this one tops the cake.  Zoe Saldana is portraying Nina Simone.  There are so many other actresses can portray the singer who was teased about her looks.  There are tons of actresses who favor Simone, but they picked Zoe.  Zoe is one two light skinned so they have to coat her in makeup to even get her to be close to the shade of Simone.  Also this biopic focuses more on Simone’s life after drugs which is insane because she lived a very influential life and they are only showing the bad parts.