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  • a look into my recently closed show West Side Story
    • Injuries
    • Mess ups
    • cast party
  • Dance Bag
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    • what it means to have a well stocked dance bag
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    • cleaning
  • New Material

Senior Showcase

So today the senior class is having a showcase to raise money for senior fees.  Seniors are doing all kinds of things like Monologues, Singing, Performing original songs, and dancing (my friends and I are doing a tap combo that we choreographed).

Update on West Side Story

So my show is currently in the middle of the run.  So far we have gone through a lot.  I sweat a lot and have already broken two microphones but we finally fixed it. Also “Action” has strep so we are panicking because the next show is tomorrow.  Also our director threatened to kick us out of the show because we wouldn’t cut our hair, only the black people though.  She let all the non- POC’s go with an up-do.  Needless to say non of us (mainly people with dreads) cut our hair we put it in an up-do as well.  But currently the show is going great there has been 1 show that went wrong out of the 4 that happened and that’s pretty great.

Update on West Side Story


So as I’ve said before that my school is doing a production of West Side Story and this is an update.  So far we have everything down which is great but we don’t have everything together.  A show is supposed to have fluidity but so far all of the pieces are good on their own but not as an entire show.  This happens all the time so I’m not super stressed out. Opening night is this Friday and we usually pull it together somehow with all the adrenaline pumping.  If we pull this off this show is going to be killer.

West Side Story

Also my school is currently in a production of “West Side Story” and I’m cast as Bernardo.  I’ll let you guys know how every aspect of the rehearsal and show turns out, from singing, acting, dance, and technical things.