My Stage Makeup Final

My character Backstory:

“My name is Kwentao I’m not from here. I fled my home planet of Jupiter to ask for help.  The diamonds on my head only melt when my planet is in danger. My planet’s officials are becoming to power hungry and corrupt. They realized that the diamonds that rain down can used for money on other planets. Of course the diamonds melt touching my skin and the Jupiter ground but if you catch them in a certain pouch they will stay in tact.They are beginning to kill people of who go against them and they have killed my family.  I have managed to escape by breaking into the government headquarters downtown and stole a pod.  They probably have figured out my location by now. I need to move as quickly as possible please help us. I can pay you.” Kwentao

My original makeup design and featuring Blocked Eyebrows (this was my first trial so the eyebrows aren’t that blocked but it got better I promise), Original Hair Appliance, and Latex Appliance ( the diamonds, I also made these myself).



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