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  • a look into my recently closed show West Side Story
    • Injuries
    • Mess ups
    • cast party
  • Dance Bag
    • needs
    • what it means to have a well stocked dance bag
    • dance bag musts
    • cleaning
  • New Material

Update on West Side Story


So as I’ve said before that my school is doing a production of West Side Story and this is an update.  So far we have everything down which is great but we don’t have everything together.  A show is supposed to have fluidity but so far all of the pieces are good on their own but not as an entire show.  This happens all the time so I’m not super stressed out. Opening night is this Friday and we usually pull it together somehow with all the adrenaline pumping.  If we pull this off this show is going to be killer.

Drowsy Chaperone

Saturday night, some friends and I went to go see “The Drowsy Chaperone” at the Pittsburgh Playhouse performed by Point Park Students.  This show was amazing.  The actors were great and the show was amazing because of the actors.  Now the show itself, has good songs and funny things but it has a lot of offensive things.  These offensive things were all based on race and ethnicities.  All of these offensive things were said as jokes and if the comedic timing were better maybe it would have been a little okay but no.  It was a good show with some racy things but it was overall okay. There was clear modernism in this show due to the fact that they reference a few current things. It was overall an “Okay” show.